Community Partner Pawa Initiativeand koji kanao

  • What is Pawa Initiative?

    Pawa Initiative( which is a NPO in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Basically, what they do is to provide space and avenues where artists can learn and develop skills that could expose them to more opportunities for enhanced outputs, while promoting social change.

  • What is Mukuru?

    Mukuru is one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Life in Mukuru is totally different from our life.

    People in Mukuru a house which is called a structure.

    However,it has so many problems. Especially, sanitation is one of the most serious problems.

  • Data

    Pawa Initiative surveyed the level of sanitation in Mukuru to understand current level of sanitation in Mukuru and who needs to be involved in order to achieve upgrading in the level and access to sanitation, identifying facilitator factors to lead to improvements.

    Data they collected were based on around 30 questions.

    The type of Data are unstructured data.

Mukuru Map

Villages in Mukuru

Structures' Ownerships

Structures' Statistics

Highest: wape_wape village 62500

Median: 9(min) 10000(max) 2107(average)

$1 = 102 Kenyan Shilling

6.8% of structures is provided for free.

Data of Water

  • The Ways to Get Water

    There are a few ways to get water. Piped water, Water vendor, bore hole, and other.

    Actually, most people can use piped water, but still 9.6% of people in Mukuru can't access water anytime they want.

    Statistics of Water in Mukuru

    Actually, most people can use piped water, but still 9.6% of people in Mukuru can't access water anytime they want.

    Structure's Capacity

    The median of structure's capacity is 8.

    The number is more than twice as large as number of people per family in the US(3.14/2015)

    The situation is still tough.

Relationship between Structures and Toilets

The level of Sanitation in Mukuru

In Mukuru, it is difficult to access toilets anytime peple need because only 1.04% of structures have own toilet. On the other hand, over 98% of structures don't have own toilet.

Most people have access to plot toilets which are in specific area, private comarcial toilets, or public comarcial toilets. That means the level of sanitation in Mukuru requires improvements of the level of the sanitation.

To summarize, the data shows that the level of sanitation of water has been improved, but the toilets' sanitation level is still low. So, people in Mukuru need help for improving this situation.